2.1.2 Build prerequisites for PyQwt on MacOS/X

Build prerequisites for PyQwt-4.0rc0.tar.gz on MacOS/X are:

  1. Python.
    Supported versions: Python-2.3.x.
  2. Qt.
    Supported versions: Qt-3.3.x, Qt-3.2.x, Qt-3.1.x, and Qt-3.0.x.
  3. sip-4.0rc4.tar.gz.
    Supported versions: sip-4.0. You may also try a snapshot at your own risk.
  4. PyQt-mac-gpl-3.12.tar.gz.
    Supported versions: PyQt-3.12, -3.11, and -3.10, but the most recent version gets most testing. You may also try a snapshot at your own risk.
  5. README for bug fixes and upgrades.

Note: You must install sip and PyQt with the 'configure.py' script instead of the deprecated 'build.py' script.

To exploit the full power of the QwtPlot widget, you should install at least one the Numerical Python extensions: Numeric or its successor numarray. I am using Numeric-23.1.tar.gz and numarray-0.9.tar.gz. Versions of Numeric later than 21.0 are supported. Numarray is newer and therefore less stable than Numeric, so get the latest!

The source package PyQwt-4.0rc0.tar.gz contains a 20040605 CVS snapshot of the Qwt library with a few patches.