1.3.2 PyCute

PyCute embeds a Python shell in a QMultiLineEdit widget (Qt-2.x) or a QTextEdit widget (Qt-3.x) that works nicely with qwt.qplt, see 1.3.3.

Possible invokations of the PyCute are:

PyCute --demo
or from the examples directory:
PyCute ICompass.py

The first command creates a PyCute shell and executes eight Python statements to create a Plot and an IPlot widget.

Both widgets allow you to select a new zoom region by pressing the left button, dragging the mouse and releasing the left button. The previous zoom region is placed on an infinite stack, so that you can unzoom to previous zoom regions by clicking the right button.

Both widgets allow you to hide/unhide curves by clicking on a legend item.

In addition, the IPlot widgets displays the plot coordinates in the status bar and has a toolbar buttons to print and to clone the plot into Grace. Grace is a WYSIWYG plot program that produces output very well adapted to scientific journals.

The second command gives you a plain PyCute shell and the third command interpretes the ICompass.py program.

Type Control-D to exit the shell.