2.4 Binary Installation on Windows

Warning: Use any version of Windows later than Windows-98. Windows-98 can only allocate a finite number of pixmaps and QtWin230-NonCommercial.exe fails to work around this limitation. If you must stick to Windows-98, try also PyQwt-3.8 from the download page.

First, you have to install Python, Numeric, Qt-Non-Commercial and PyQt-Non-Commercial by executing the following installation programs:

  1. Python-2.3.4.exe
  2. Numeric-23.1.win32-py2.3.exe
  3. QtWin230-NonCommercial.exe
  4. PyQt-win-nc-msvc-3.12.exe
Then, run PyQwt_Qt230-4.0rc0.win32-py2.3.exe and you are set. Example programs and documentation for PyQwt and Qwt are installed in the folder C:/Python23/PyQwt.