2.3.2 Build on Windows with setup.py

  1. Unpack PyQwt-4.0rc0.tar.gz and read README to check out bug fixes and upgrades.
  2. Run
    cd PyQwt-4.0
  3. The commands
    python setup.py bdist
    python setup.py bdist_wininst
    will make an installer in the sub-directory dist.

Note: The Distutils of Python-2.3.x refuse to compile extension modules with MSCV-7.0 when Python has been compiled with MSVC-6.0. If you do not want to recompile Python, edit get_build_version() in distutils/msvccompiler.py so that it returns a version matching MSVC.

Note: The PyQtDistutils rely on the environment variables QTDIR, TMAKEPATH for Qt-2.x and QMAKESPEC for Qt-3.x.

Note: If you are desperate, run:
python setup.py build --force >log.txt
and mail the file log.txt to the mailing list.